Instructions to Patients Wearing a Removable Appliance
Posted on 02/05/2023

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For your removable appliance to do its job, you must follow the instructions and take proper care of it. Remember that all the time and care you put in will pay off once you have a smile that makes you want to share it with the world.

Full-Time Means Full-Time

Remember that your appliance is meant for full-time wear. This applies to both daytime and nighttime and also includes when you eat.

Establish a Cleaning Routine

It's important to remember to clean your appliance regularly. It's best to take care of it in the morning and at night, and it helps to establish a routine so you don't forget. Also, take the time to give the brace a little rinse to eliminate food particles after you eat.

When to Remove the Appliance

Also, remember to take the appliance out whenever you play a rigorous sporting activity. In general, you should remove the brace whenever you do anything where the brace might get knocked out of your mouth. You should also take the appliance out before you swim from Eldridge orthodontic treatment.

But other than these exceptions, your removable oral appliance should stay in your mouth so it can do its job. When it's not in your mouth, make sure to put it straight into its protective case. Conversely, make sure to put it right back in as soon as you're finished cleaning or the activity. These braces tend to be breakable, and it can be costly if you have to get a new one.

What to Expect Our Treatment

Once you first start wearing your removable appliance, there are some things you might notice that come as a surprise. More often than not, they're perfectly normal parts of the process and not a cause for alarm.

For instance, you might have a lisp at first. Keep in mind that this will go away fairly quickly. For most patients, their lisp goes away after only two or three days. However, it will probably take longer if you frequently take the appliance out. This is because the tongue has to get used to this new surface instead of the roof of your mouth when making certain sounds.

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