3 Ways Digital X-Rays Improve Dental Care
Posted on 03/11/2024

At Mack Orthodontics, we want families to feel relaxed and comfortable from start to finish. Our atmosphere comprises a coffee and tea station for adults and a fun playroom for kids. After an examination and cleaning, we devise a customized plan to treat your orthodontic issue. Dr Steven J Mack and his experienced staff will also answer questions and discuss financing. Our patients leave our facility with confidence that we will do our part to keep your smile healthy and bright. We encourage you to use oral health routines to help us out.


One technique we use during the examination is a digital X-ray. It's normal to have concerns about X-rays, but we encourage patients to try it out. There are three reasons digital X-rays are worth a second look.


Less Radiation Exposure

A concern with X-rays is the amount of radiation exposure. The digital sensors used for your dental X-ray have 50 to 90% less radiation than traditional X-ray machines. In addition, the sensors capture more dental images in less time, reducing radiation exposure even more. The process is faster, and the device is safer than traditional X-rays. If you still have concerns about digital X-rays, contact Mack Orthodontics to ease your doubts about the process.


Quality Images Instantly

The images go to the computer immediately, and Dr Steven J Mack can begin analyzing those images for teeth, gums, mouth, and jaw issues. The sensor may be tiny, but the images produced are better than the average X-ray machine. Our dentist can view those images up close and in stunning detail thanks to photo editing features on the computer. Some examples are zoom, sharpen, rotate, color, and contrast. Full images or select sections can go into a patient's digital file. Eldridge orthodontic treatment is faster and more accurate because of it. The quality images catch signs no hardcopy could detect.


Accessible Digital Storage

Dental photographs have the same benefits as pictures on your smartphone. They are simple to transfer into a patient's digital file on the company's hard drive as a backup or for future comparison. The doctor can access their files on any computer to track progress. Patients can access their files on a computer to take charge of their oral health treatment. Digital storage saves money on film and hardcopy prints and reduces image loss. It also reduces paper waste by eliminating file cabinet sorting.

Digital X-rays are beneficial to everyone. We can diagnose your issue and provide accurate treatment without wasting time. Meanwhile, you can see the treatment's effectiveness with each photograph. We aim to improve your smile, and digital X-rays help us tremendously. Contact our office in Eldridge for orthodontic treatment and to schedule an appointment.