Braces in Bettendorf, IA
Posted on 11/17/2021

Braces are an iconic part of growing up, and while not everyone needs them, almost everyone could benefit from having them. Whether you need to get braces to treat serious malocclusion or other orthodontic issues, or you just want to improve the aesthetics of your smile at any age, metal braces are a dependable and affordable option. Dr. Mack offers his patients at Mack Orthodontics in Bettendorf, IA a range of possible treatments from Invisalign to the many different types of braces. Today we’ll be discussing what to expect when you opt for traditional metal braces.

Who Can Benefit from Metal Braces

Metal braces work wonders for patients with mild to severe orthodontic issues. Depending on the severity of the case, sometimes metal braces are used in a multi-step process with other orthodontic procedures such as palatal expanders or corrective jaw surgery. For moderate or mild malocclusions, braces can truly transform the teeth in one to two years.

Getting Braces Put On

It takes about 1-2 hours to get braces put on. These are the basic steps:

  • The orthodontist will thoroughly clean your teeth, and dry them.
  • Next, a bracket will be attached to the front of each tooth with special bonding glue.
  • The archwire will be threaded into the brackets and secured with elastic bands.

When you first get your braces on, it is normal for your teeth to feel a little sore. This will go away in a few days, as your mouth gets used to the feeling of having braces.

Caring for Your Appliance

For the duration of the time you wear braces, it will be very important to take care of your teeth and the appliance. Your orthodontist will provide you with a list of foods to avoid, as eating certain snacks can risk damaging or even breaking the wires and brackets. You may want to get a Waterpik or similar water pressure-driven flossing device because brushing and flossing normally are very different tasks when you have braces. Because you cannot remove the brackets and wires, food can get stuck in hard-to-reach places and it is crucial that you try to clean the braces and teeth thoroughly after meals to prevent bacteria from growing and causing cavities.

Braces Removal

On the day your braces come off, your orthodontist will use a special tool to loosen the glue holding the brackets on your teeth. Then the whole appliance, brackets, and wires can be popped off in one piece. You will need to wear a retainer at night for several weeks to a few months after getting your braces off. This keeps your teeth from sliding back into their old positions, and locks in your beautiful results.

Contact Your Orthodontist Today!

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