Can Braces Change The Shape Of Your Face?
Posted on 12/10/2023

Braces change the shape of your face. Orthodontic devices are designed to change many things about your teeth, jaws, and mouth, which in turn change the shape of your face. Just ask Mack Orthodontics for some before and after photos of their patients at your initial consultation.

Widening Space with Orthodontic Expanders

An orthodontic expander is usually used on the roof of the mouth. It forms a sort of bridge between two rear molars and is adjusted weekly or more often, depending on your orthodontic plan. With each adjustment, the upper palate is opened up wider and wider.

When the expander is used as instructed, you will notice that the hollows of your cheeks start rounding out. The spatial distance under your nose from cheek to cheek widens. Your mid-face becomes slightly rounder and fuller.

If you are required to wear a lower jaw expander, a similar thing occurs. As the lower jaw widens, your chin rounds out. You smile wider too. When you have both an upper and lower expander working together, you may see your face becoming rounder from your nose to your chin.

Orthodontic Treatment in Eldridge Changes Appearances

If you are an adult going to get braces in Eldridge, you will see facial changes too. Sometimes, because adults are no longer growing, a surgical procedure is necessary to break and reset the jaw to correct the overcrowding of large teeth. Once the jaw heals, your face shape and appearance will be very different indeed. Breaking and resetting bones almost always creates change, regardless of what bones are accidentally or purposely broken.

Lips Will Change Shape Too

Getting braces from Eldridge Orthodontics means that other features of your face will change. Your lips could go from very full to thin and stretched as a result of stretching them over the braces to close your mouth. Pulling teeth back from protruding in your mouth may result in a fuller lip appearance because the lips aren't stretched over protruding teeth.

Profile Changes

Perhaps most noticeable will be your profile changes. Many "after" photos of orthodontic patients taken from the side are quite striking. They look very different from this angle because the teeth and jaws are finally fully aligned. Digital imaging used by the clinic for orthodontic treatment in Eldridge can show you what you might look like once your treatment is complete.

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