How Often Do Braces Need Tightening?
Posted on 11/10/2023

Braces Are Essential For Severe Misalignment

Orthodontics involves various treatments that move teeth into proper alignment to achieve better dental health. You'll also have a happy, healthy smile when you complete your treatment. Traditional or clear braces align teeth that are crooked or crowded and are effective for severe misalignment cases. At Mack Orthodontics we provide Eldridge orthodontic treatment and quality care in a friendly, relaxing environment. Braces are an option for:

  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Younger children

Straight teeth are essential for optimum dental health. Orthodontic treatment has psychological and cosmetic benefits and gives you more confidence. When you choose braces in Eldridge, you can avoid complications like wear on the teeth and cavities. Braces can correct various conditions, including protruding teeth, spaces between teeth, overbite, and underbite.

Mack Orthodontics Offers Different Options

Each person has different orthodontic needs and preferences. We offer options including conventional metal braces, clear ceramic braces, lingual braces, and Invisalign. Most people associate braces with teens. However, braces are an effective treatment at any age. Orthodontists recommend children have an evaluation before the age of seven to avoid more severe problems when they reach their teen years. In many cases, it's easier to correct problems in younger children.

Why Braces in Eldridge Are an Excellent Option

We offer orthodontic treatments, including traditional metal and ceramic braces. We implement a comprehensive treatment plan for your unique expectations and needs. The process is different with each patient, depending on the dental issue that needs correcting. Orthodontists generally recommend that patients have their braces tightened every four to six weeks.

Why Tightening Braces is Essential

Regular visits to tighten your braces ensure treatment progress and give your orthodontist time to ensure teeth and gums are healthy. Braces should be tightened regularly to ensure the teeth are shifting into the proper position. Although tightening the braces is non-invasive, some patients feel slight discomfort for a few days. If you experience slight pain, this is a sign that the treatment is working. An over-the-counter pain reliever and eating a soft diet for a few days will usually help to alleviate any discomfort.

It's vital to keep regular appointments to tighten your braces. Skipping appointments could compromise your treatment and prevent the desired results. If one or two appointments aren't kept throughout the course of your treatment, it may not be too concerning. However, if you consistently skip appointments to tighten your braces, there could be serious problems.

If you think you or a family member may benefit from treatment from Eldridge Orthodontic treatment, contact Mack Orthodontics in Eldridge today to schedule a consultation. You may contact us at 563-359-686 or fill out the form on our website to request a consultation.