Maintaining Oral Hygiene with Braces
Posted on 01/10/2024

Wearing braces generates many questions regarding brushing and flossing. At Mack Orthodontics, our team can help you with braces care and hygiene at each appointment. With braces in Eldridge, Iowa, take a closer look at how you can maintain oral hygiene throughout your treatment.

Brush Frequently

Typically, brushing twice daily is the rule. When you wear braces in Eldridge, however, brushing more frequently is ideal. After eating a snack or meal, brush your teeth, states Colgate. Because braces are prone to capturing food particles, regular brushing improves your oral hygiene. Preferably, carry a toothbrush kit with you so that you can practice these habits on the go.

Consider Diet Changes

During Eldridge orthodontic treatment, you'll wear braces every day for a year or longer. Limiting certain foods for proper oral hygiene is part of the process. For example, avoid these particular foods, such as:

  • Hard candy
  • Popcorn
  • Gum

Other foods may simply need some modifications. If apples are a favorite snack, cut them into small pieces instead of biting into the entire fruit. Essentially, avoid damaging the braces by removing any potential friction with the brackets and wires.

Switch to a Water Flosser

Traditional flossing is possible with braces, but it can be difficult to master. As an alternative, consider a water flosser. These devices produce a controlled stream of water so that you can carefully remove any residue from around and between the teeth. Also, most brands have designs geared toward braces, which means they're safe to use on brackets and wires. For any questions, contact Mack Orthodontics today!

Use Mouthwash

Another smart habit is using mouthwash on your braces in Eldridge. Undoubtedly, liquid can seep into the smallest crevices in the mouth, which reduces any plaque or tartar buildup. Preferably, gargle mouthwash at least twice a day for the best results.

Practice Cleanliness at Your Orthodontic Appointments

A clever way to maintain oral hygiene is by cleaning your teeth at your Eldridge orthodontic treatment appointment. For example, many appointments include wire removal and replacement. When our staff removes the wire, you can ask to brush your teeth before it's reinstalled. Over time, this brushing habit enhances your final smile.

With some effort, maintaining your oral hygiene during Eldridge orthodontic treatment becomes a daily habit. Discuss your concerns with our staff to make your smile a brilliant one in the future. Contact Mack Orthodontics for a convenient appointment today!