Metal Braces vs Ceramic Braces
Posted on 08/01/2022
When your child needs braces, you have more than one option these days. You have three options, but where growing preteens are concerned, it's best just to consider metal braces or ceramic braces. At Mack Orthodontics, we want you to be fully informed of what these braces are and what the benefits and drawbacks each are.

Being well-informed helps you determine which type of braces are right for your child. Then the orthodontic treatment the Bettendorf clinic provides will turn out to be a better experience for you and your child.

In Most Orthodontic Treatments, Patients Choose Metal Braces

Traditionally, metal brackets have been used as the go-to treatment for straightening and aligning teeth. Metal braces are strong, durable, and easily adjustable. Not all insurance plans will cover braces, but those plans that do cover orthodontics will only cover metal braces. 

The cons of metal braces are that they tend to have sharp edges that irritate the soft tissues of the mouth. They also are not allowed in MRI machines or x-ray machines. So, if your child is in an accident and has metal braces, the braces would have to be completely removed before any medical imaging can be done. 

Ceramic Braces Are Preferred by Patients for several Reasons

Ceramic braces are hard white to almost clear brackets that are also applied to the teeth with a dental adhesive. The difference here is that only the wires are visible. The brackets themselves are not. 

Patients often request ceramic braces for cosmetic reasons, but there are some additional excellent reasons for choosing ceramic over metal. Ceramic braces can stay on during MRI and x-ray scans (although the metal wires have to be removed). This makes it less costly to reinsert the braces after imaging because you only have to put the wires back in. 

Ceramic braces don't have the sharp edges metal braces do. They do, however, have a hardness that is just below diamonds. That makes these braces more difficult to damage, which might be a plus if your child plays sports. They don't adjust as easily as the metal brackets, which is probably their only real drawback. 

Another plus is that ceramic braces help prevent plaque buildup. They don't collect food particles like the metal brackets tend to do. If your child refuses to brush with any frequency, then ceramic brackets might be the best option. 

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