Myths and Facts of Orthodontics
Posted on 06/06/2022
At Mack Orthodontics our priority is to create better, brighter smiles in the Bettendorf and Eldridge areas. You can trust that Dr. Steven Mack and our highly qualified team will work together to create a treatment plan that results in a smile you'll be proud of. 

What is Orthodontics? 

At its basic definition, orthodontics is the process of moving teeth to achieve a healthier and/or more appealing smile. Orthodontics can resolve a great number of dental issues using specialized and custom plans for your specific set of problems. There are some common misconceptions around orthodontics that we hope we can clear up for you.

Myth: Orthodontics Is Just Braces

Fact: While braces are very much a large part of what we do as orthodontists, there are many other treatments we engage in. Beyond braces, Mack Orthodontics offers: While the processes might look different, the variety of treatment options available all has the same goal - to create your dream smile!

Any Dentist Can Provide Orthodontic Care

Fact: While some dentists offer teeth straightening services, visiting a licensed orthodontist like Dr. Mack is highly recommended. Orthodontists receive education and training specifically for teeth straightening and jaw alignment. While your dental office might see a handful of patients regarding teeth straightening, orthodontists see hundreds of teeth straightening cases every year! 

Braces Are Just For Kids!

Fact: Trix Cereal is just for kids - braces are NOT! Many of our patients are adults because it's never too late to invest in yourself. 

Orthodontic Treatment Sounds Awful 

Fact: Au contraire! There was a time when braces were seen as bulky, painful, and just plain unattractive. That's no longer the case! With time, advanced technology has created more comfortable, less conspicuous treatment options across every style of braces. Additionally, options such as Invisalign make it even easier to stay low-key while fixing your teeth. 

Orthodontic Treatment Is Just Cosmetic

Fact: Often, our patients want to straighten their teeth to achieve a straight smile for appearance reasons. Having a smile you feel good about is a huge confidence booster! However, that's not the only reason to pursue orthodontic care. Bite and jaw issues can lead to trouble speaking, eating, breathing, and sleeping. They can also cause a lot of pain, including persistent headaches. Correcting misalignment can create a happier, healthier life!

Visit Your Quad Cities Orthodontic Office

Were we able to clear up some long-standing orthodontic rumors? If you are looking for more information or are ready to start your dental journey, request an appointment at Mack Orthodontics. We're excited to meet you!