Orthodontic Treatment in Bettendorf, IA
Posted on 01/05/2022

One of the most important parts of orthodontic treatment is the diagnostic phase, where the orthodontist assesses the patient's teeth and maxillofacial bones before beginning any form of treatment, in order to find out what is contributing to the problem, and what the best approach to treatment will be. Whether patients end up needing expanders, braces, or orthodontic headgear, x-rays will be needed for assessment along the way. At Mack Orthodontics in Bettendorf, IA, we use dental digital x-rays to capture images of our patient's teeth. Here's what you need to know about the three different types of dental X-rays that could play a role in your treatment.


Periapical radiographs are small x-ray photographs used to capture images of just a few teeth at a time. These machines are usually mounted to the wall in every examination room and have a movable arm component so they can be adjusted and positioned close to the patient when needed. A small film card is inserted into the mouth (feels like biting down on a chunky piece of plastic) and the resulting image appears on a screen.


This type of X-ray is used to take a 5" by 11" panoramic (wrap-around) image of a person's mouth, so that the positions of the teeth relative to one another, as well as the jawbones, can be examined. The machine can also be used to take panoramic x-rays of other parts of the face. These machines are often set apart in an alcove, or in a separate room with other x-ray machines.


These images of the entire head, usually in profile, can be made using the same machine as the panoramic x-rays, outfitted with a different film arm. Cephalometric images are often used to diagnose bite problems, also called malocclusions of the teeth and jaw.

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