An Orthodontist Gives 5 Tips to Prevent Future Bite Problems
Posted on 12/05/2022

Located in Eldridge and Bettendorf, IA, Mack Orthodontics can provide a great dental experience that involves high-quality comfort and treatment. When your child has a bite problem, we can decrease their risk of developing other issues associated with chewing. Our orthodontists have the experience and training needed for treating problems with a bite and give many options for treatment.

5 Tips to Prevent Future Bite Problems

When you are looking for information concerning bite problems, you need to have the best information possible. When you contact us today, you will get the most up-to-date information. Having the best information means you will be able to help prevent your child from experiencing a bad bite.

Having the following tips to help prevent future bite problems will also allow you to save money and not worry about your child needing to wear orthodontic devices, such as braces.

1. Monitor Thumb Sucking

Although many children suck their thumbs for security, you need to monitor it so that the bite does not get affected. When thumb sucking takes place, pressure is placed on the teeth, which makes the top front teeth stick out more.

2. Monitor The Child's Breaths

Once you contact us for an appointment, we'll explain in detail how breathing can have an impact on the bite. We'll also explain that when the child breathes with their nose, they can achieve proper development of their jaw and face. If they breathe through their mouth, then it may signal an issue going on and that a misalignment has occurred when the mouth is closed. When a child breathes through their mouth, their growth balance could be altered.

3. Use Bottles Temporarily

When your child uses a bottle, you need to ensure that it is not for too long because it can eventually cause misalignments with the teeth. When the sucking is constant, the roof of the mouth can become narrowed and cause a misalignment due to the mouth's shape-changing.

4. Use Pacifiers Sparingly

When a pacifier is used for a prolonged period, it could affect the way teeth match up. By the time your child reaches 2, they should not be using a pacifier. The use of a pacifier can also cause issues with the child's bite.

5. Discourage Nail-Biting

When a child develops a nail-biting habit, they are unknowingly adding extra stress to their jaw. This constant stress and pressure can cause the teeth to develop an issue with the bite. The teeth can also be adversely affected when biting nails.

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When you can implement good dental habits that prevent bite problems, then your child will have a better time eating and chewing. Whether you make an appointment for orthodontic treatment in Eldridge or orthodontic treatment in Scott county, you can be certain that your child will obtain the best dental service in the area.